Festival de Musique à La Turbie, Les Musicales du Trophée.

" Le Chœur de Chambre 1732 " EN


First semi-professional ensemble des Alpes-Maritimes, is part of an approach that is both artistic, humanistic and educational.

We want to build a set of very high quality and defend, with the widest possible audience, totally ignored by television media culture and offer what we like and what we stand for: classical music, sacred music not only in the religious sense, but in the sense of commitment and love all music.

With this project, we also want to allow young musicians from our region to produce and gain experience; we want to bring our culture where it is not necessarily through the area, schools, prisons; we want to promote artistic activity of the region later in the country and why not abroad; we want to promote the song and encourage those among the public that we are likely to encounter would sing but do not dare and hope to feed the many existing branches in the discipline while pulling upwards, and thus participate actively in cultural policy of the department.

It may not be entirely a coincidence that the singers, for the creation of this choir chose Ein deutsches Requiem by Johannes BRAHMS ... Sacred Music, but not quite. Humanist music, of course! Hence the "Ein" ... One among many others, both humble and unique.

Visit the internet web site : http://www.1732ams.com/