Festival de Musique à La Turbie, Les Musicales du Trophée.

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RubriqueTropheeGauche VueTropheeHautTrophée d'Auguste Around the year 6 BC the Romans decided that this was the place to build a tribute to the emperor Cesar Augustus. This monument, in the heart of the medieval village has dominated the sea and history for over two thousand years. Over the years it has been bombarded, dismantled, the stone used to build the church of St Michael, and many of the village houses, but at the beginning of the 20th century it was decided to restore it and it has now found once again some of its previous grandeur. In spite of all it has been subjected to, it has defied time and the elements and it still a magnificent example of Roman architecture.



RubriqueEgliseEntete-DetailFacadeChurch of St Michael the Archangel This 18th century church is a short walk from the Trophée, and built with some of its stones. It was classed as a National Monument in 1938.