Festival de Musique à La Turbie, Les Musicales du Trophée.

Quatuor Rincontro du « Café Zimmermann » EN

cafe-zimmermann lEnsemblePablo Valetti, violon

Mauro Lopes Ferreira, violon

Patricia Gagnon, alto

Petr Skalka, violoncelle

The Quartet Rincontro comes from a complicity and a longstanding friendship. This is especially thanks to all Cafe Zimmermann, they are the founding members, what does the project of a joint collaboration, extend their search for a classic repertoire, more precisely to that of the string quartet. Their tradition of rigor in the work, both in the study of the historical context, the interpretation and compositions remains their first concern. Similarly as masterpieces of the string quartet repertoire, the Quartet Rincontro dedicated his work to works that have inspired the great classical composers or those that have inspired these composers.

The history of the string quartet is not a straight line passing of Haydn Mozart Beethoven to bring us without detours or crossovers. Before the dazzling light of three stars of classical music, we lose a sky or other constellations can give us a better understanding of a language that is creating with exchanges, sharing more or less desired partitions and 'ideas. The Quartet Rincontro offers a journey through the history of the string quartet by focusing on topics that can enlighten curious us on the context, the influence or consequences that these curiosities have had on the known repertoire works.

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